Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 - YSA activity

The Tarlac College of Agriculture LDSSA had an activity and we were asked to participate as panelists for a question and answer session after the activities which we agreed to.  I'm not sure if we could answer their questions but we wanted to help.  Then at the last minute one of the speakers was unable to attend so they asked Elder Weber to take is place.  The two speakers before him took most of the time (the were the District Presidents) so he was left with very little time but he did a good job with the limited amount of advance notice (5 minutes) and the lateness of the hour.

The following are the pictures we took of the games they were playing.  With very little the have a great time.

Don't ask me to explain the games because I couldn't understand much of what was said.  My Tagalog isn't any better than it was six months ago, but the games were suppose to encourage unity and cooperation as a group.

Filipino food was served at the end.  Some of the YSA's brought traditional Filipino food which included rice of course.

The Elders in Talavera asked us to help them move.  The city of Talavera is about 1 1/2 hrs from our home in Camiling.  We left at about 5 am to get there early.  When we arrived, the whole zone was going to help.  That meant about 8 other missionaries besides the 4 in Talavera.  We picked up the 8 at the Stake Center in Cabanatuan City and took them in our truck to Talavera, about a 20 minutes drive from Cabanatuan.  That mean 10 people in our Truck.  It was a little crowded.   These are pictures of the move.  Notice Elder Weber's yellow hard hat he has started wearing since he has knocked himself in the head several times.

This next picture I took is of some men that were unloading rice at the market near where the Elders were moving from.  They lift these 50 kilo bags of rice (110 lbs.) onto there head and carry them away. They unload a huge truck that way.  Unbelievable to watch them to this.  No wonder the average Filipino is short.

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