Monday, July 7, 2014

I decided to take pictures of the Filipino children.  They are so cute and seem so happy.  It makes me said to see the condition of their teeth.  They drink so much soda (rather than water because the water here is not good) and eat carbohydrate snacks all the time and I guess they have not been educated about oral hygiene.  Anyway, most children have rotted teeth and 99% of the adults have many missing teeth.

We went for a drive when our electricity was turned off by the Filipino Gov. and we had no air conditioner nor fans and we were so hot we needed to cool down by taking a drive in our air conditioned truck.  Some Pictures of the beautiful scenery.

 These are flowers blooming in the front of someone's home.  Beautiful!
 This is a home with a thatched roof.  Most of the homes have corrugated tin for a roof.
The rice workers are using machetes to make the dykes between the rice fields.  Backbreaking work in the hot humid weather.  Notice the beautiful mountains in the distance.
These are pictures of the Branch in Cabaluyan where we visited on July 6, 2014. They do not have a building; only a rented home that has no screens on the windows or doors and no air conditioning.  No separate classrooms. They put a partition down the middle of the room, one side is the class for the adults and the other side is the youth class and the Primary meets in the small little Branch President's office.  One good thing about that Pres. office is that there is a small air conditioner in this room.

These are the young people we are helping to ear money so that they can go on a mission.  The Church requires that they earn 2500 pesos (abt. $65) themselves towards their mission and then the Church pays for the rest of their mission.  This amount of money is almost impossible for some of the young people to earn.  Elder Weber paid them to help him paint a house that was being remolded to bring it up to mission standards for Elders to live in.  They worked really hard.  The money is then given directly to the Bishop or Branch President for their missionary fund.  We are really learning to love these Filipino people.  Some of them are really hardworking.

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Sisters who live next door to us.  We had hot dogs, macaroni salad, chips and s'mores for dessert.  We roasted the marshmallows over the flame on your gas stove.  No fireworks but we had a good time anyway.