Friday, November 7, 2014

These are pictures of our follow up CSP (Community Service Project).  After the corn was planted in Pres. Ramos' field, we went back a couple of weeks later to fertilize.  Notice that the method of fertilizing is to put a teaspoon of fertilizer on each plant.  Very labor intensive.  Good thing for Pres. Ramos the labor is free.

Sister Roisum "pushing" the kuligig along.

Elder Antoni and Elder Kaisor "spooning" on the fertilizer.

Yes Karen, this is Elder Tuifelesai in the hat you gave me.  Looks good don't you think.

This is Elder Weber on the Kuligig.  The back section can be removed and it is used to plow the fields.  Also used to haul things around, like bags of rice, your family, hogs to market, you get the idea.

This is Sister Weber on the Kuligig.

Elder Weber helping Pres. Ramos get the pump working to irrigate (flood) the field.

Our beautiful Sisters in the back of our truck.  We had them all come back to the house afterwards for lunch.  I fixed Filipino Spaghetti. 

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