Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October 1, 2014

Here are some more pictures of some varied scenes.

They are very advanced here in the Philippines.  You can chose a toilet that fits the size of your behind.

Filipino's attempt at English.  They have a problem with verb tense.

I have never seen so many ducks!

We love the mountains here.  Maybe they remind us of home. They are different but still very beautiful.

This is a combine harvesting rice.  The rice is dried on the street.  So you not only have to dodge the other traffic and animals, now you have to try to not drive over the rice that is spread out on the streets.  That is not always possible.

You occasionally something of beauty in the midst of all the not so beautiful surroundings.

Container gardening in the Philippines.  We see things growing in bags all the time.

Came home one day and we had rice drying on our drive way and front yard.

Some more pictures of the cut children here in the Philippines.  We went to a funeral of the father of one of the YSA's in Branch 1 and these children were there.

These men are mixing cement on the street, then putting it into buckets and hoisting it by hand to the second floor.  The Filipino method of construction.  The picture was taken out of the care window.

After we did some repair work at these Elder's house, we took them to lunch.  They introduced us to a little restaurant in Paniqui.  We like it so much we went back again the last time we were in Paniqui. 
This is Elders Sorilla on the left and Elder Webster on the right.  

I noticed this shack when we first came here because we drive by it on the way to our house.  I couldn't believe anyone could live in this.  For some reason I had very tender feelings for these people.  Then one Sunday I noticed the women and little girl showed up at Sacrament meeting.  I couldn't believe it.  I asked the Sister missionaries about it and they told me they were members of the Church.  The sisters were teaching their son who I believe they said was 22 years old.  The teach him on the street. The father is also a member and he was at church also, but I didn't recognize him because I had never seen him before.  He works giving massages in the Palanke.  They have five children who at various times I guess live in this shack.  I don't know where they all sleep.  Count your blessing.

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