Monday, November 3, 2014

We had a CSP (Community Service Project) last week.  A member of the District Presidency owns some land and it was time to plant his corn.  The missionaries offered to help. The last crop in this field was rice. No plowing is done and no furors are made.  The hole for the seed is made with the pole you see in the Elder's hands.  It is pushed into the ground then the corn seed is put in it and then covered over with dirt. A few Elders had blisters on their hands by the time we finished.  

A rope was stretched from one end of the row to the other so that the row would be straight.

Sister Bagano planting the corn seed.

Cute Sister Caoile who lives next door to us in her Camiling Zone T-shirt taking a much needed water brake.

Tajeda who serves in Bamban wearing my hat.

This is called a trike with a cart for a side care. They haul the family around, haul rice and other things in the cart.  They are an all round utility vehicle.  

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