Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You've heard about Mary's Little Lamb, well we went to church Sunday in a little branch called Birbira and were surprised when we walked in to see this dog under a chair on the back row.  This picture is of Elder Weber sitting in the chair and the dog is under his chair.  I asked the Elders if this was one of their investigators.  He said no he was a more regular attender than some of the members.  He stayed through the whole block schedule.  Most of the members left after sacrament meeting.
 This is a "trike" (three wheeled vehicle - motorcycle and side car.  These are used for hauling people as well as cargo.  This one has three people on the seat and three in the side car.
 Picture of the traffic as we are leaving Tarlac to come back home to Camiling.  It had started to rain.
 More traffic pictures.

 This is a really nice "trike".
 This is one loaded with cargo.  I have seen them even more loaded than this one.
 Ladies selling their vegetables at the Palanke.
These are rakes or rough brooms that are used to clean up your yard or whatever.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

These are pictures taken at the Bataan Death March Memorial Monument.  The pictures of us in front of the box car is what they  used to transport some of the prisoners. It was extremely hot on the day we visited the site and I cannot imagine what it must have been like for these men who were packed tightly into the box car without any air or water.  No wonder so many died.