Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 27, 2014, the last Saturday for baptisms this year.  We had about 200 baptisms to get to reach this year's goal of 1650 baptisms at the beginning of November.  I don't know yet if the mission reached the goal.  Saturday we went to three baptisms in our Zone.  There was suppose to be one more but when we arrived at the Branch chapel, no one was there.  Don't know what happened.  These are pictures that we took.

Elder Thacker from Highland UT and Elder Escosio in the Pindangan Branch.  All of these children are over the age of 9 so they count as convert baptisms.

Most of the members who attend the baptisms and who attend church for that matter are young people.  Most of these young people come to church without any support from parents.  Pretty amazing I think.

I finally got in a picture. Usually I am the one taking the picture.

Baptism in Branch 1

Elder Dumanjug on the right and Elder Van Wey an elder from India on the left in the San Clemente Branch.

Joseph Smith Birthday Party - December 23, 2014.  We invited a couple of families over for our Joseph Smith Birthday Party.  I attempted to make a traditional Filipino dish called Pork Adobo.  It was good, but I don't think I made it like the Filipino people do.  I put carrots and potatoes in it. They usually just use the meat, either chicken or pork. We invited the Baguio family, Sister Baguio is our Branch RS president, also our District RS president, she teaches seminary and has just opened up here on business - a pharmacy.  Her husband is on the District Council.  He has been working abroad until this pat summer teaching English in some foreign country.  They have their eldest daughter who is serving a mission and four other children.  We also invited invited our Branch President's family the Carino's.  Sister Carino does our laundry.  They have four children but only one of the daughters came.  They enjoyed playing the Stacko game.  They also played Uno.  It was the first time that they children had played a card game.

Sister Baguio is in the center.  Her only son is next to her.

Two of the Baguio daughters in the center.  Sister Carino is next to them putting on a block.

Brother Baguio kneeling on the floor and Pres. Carino is sitting on the sofa.  The girl with the hair bow is the Baguio's 14 year old daughter.

We had a good time with these families.  We will miss them when we go home.

We had a Christmas Zone Conference on December 24, 2014, in Tarlac.  Each Zone was to make a Christmas Decoration for the Conference.  On December 15, the missionaries came to our house to make their decoration.

Sister Freeman from St. George, UT.  Missionaries can act pretty crazy when they all get together.

 Constructing the "star".

Having a good time.

Some played Stacko.

Others worked hard on the star.  It had to be finished at the Sister's house later.

Finished product.  Our Zone's stars at the two on the top of the tree.

The missionaries had a great time.

December 22, 2014 - Our Zone Christmas party at our home.  We served ham, potato salad, Filipino spaghetti, water melon, and of course rice.  We had Christmas cookies and fudge for dessert.  We also had chips and salsa which the missionaries all seem to enjoy.  Even the native missionaries seem to like them.

The missionaries enjoy playing Stacko - a variation of Uno. 

This is Sister Vaka and Sister Resture.  These two sisters live next door to us.

Some of our very handsome Elders.

This is Elder Paredes our Zone leader.

Sister Canencia, Sister Resture and Sister Roisum play Stacko. These sisters live next door to us.

Elder Southwick and Elder Cancel.

Elders playing Stacko.

When they missionaries come in the house, they leave their shoes at the door  I enjoy seeing all their shoes.

Sister Roisum and Elder Wigington.  Elder Wigingon is here from the India Mission.  The missionaries must leave India after one year for Visa reasons and he is here for about 3 months while his Visa is being renewed.

They all seemed to enjoy the food.

Sister Madon in the foreground and her companion Sister Bwaraiti.

December 5, 2014 - Christmas Party at the Mission Home for the Stake and District Presidents and the Senior Couples.

Christmas Tree at the Mission Home

A few of the talented missionaries put on a wonderful Christmas program.  It made me a little homesick which was a nice feeling.

Elder and Sister Lund who serve in the very remote area of Baler.  They will be going home at the end of January 2015.

Elder Lytle and Elder Briscoe are two very talented pianists. Elder Briscoe will go home with the January transfers. 

The tables were decorated very festively by Sister Naegle.  In the foreground is President Tabelisma who is the District President in the area where we are assigned.

Another picture of the lovely decorated tables.
The lights on the entry to the Mission Home.

Sunset at the Mission Home on the evening of our party, December 5, 2014.