Monday, November 3, 2014

Some more scenery pictures.

This is a farmer riding a carabao. Notice the sheath at his waist. This is his machete. All the farmers have one.  

I may have posted this picture before.  Mother duck with her chicks.  So cute.

Once in a while we see a really beautiful flower. Not sure what this is. It appears to be some type of vine.

Beautiful mountains with low clouds.  Getting ready to rain.

Notice the plants in the bags. They use these bags for many things from bagging rice to using them as a planter.  A whole new container gardening idea.

Rice being put through a threshing machine.  They cut the rice from the fields by hand and then put it through this machine.  If the fields are big enough, they will use a combine, but there are a lot of farmers whose fields are not big enough to use and combine.  These people work so hard.  Then the grass you see in the pile is used to feed their livestock.

These two pictures illustrate how some of the building is done here. They are mixing cement with a small cement mixer on the ground level and they hauling it up to the upper floors with buckets and pulleys.

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