Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pictures of scenery:

Thought you might enjoy more pictures of the scenery.

This animal is called a Carabao - they use him to plow the fields and harvest the rice.

This mother goat and her three kids were really cute.  The moved too fast for me to get a really good picture of the four of them.  But I thought they were soooo cute.

The clouds are really something to see here.  We didn't have clouds in San Diego very often.  I am really enjoying the clouds.  Maybe I will get tired of them when we have had several months of the rainy season.

We think this plant is in the Orchid family.  Not sure about that though.  But I like flowers as you know and so couldn't resist taking this picture.

These are "chips" that are served at Chow King restaurant.  They look like "Styrofoam".  They don't taste too bad, but I surely wouldn't was a steady diet of them.  There are only two places to eat in Camiling if you want to have air con.  Chow King and Jollee Bee.  They are fast food type places.  I think I am going to get pretty tired of them in the next 16 months.  It is too hot to eat anywhere else besides I don't know if I would trust all the little eateries that line the street.  Don't know what the kitchens look like.  Philippine standard of cleanliness is not the same as ours.

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  1. Nancy, DEFINITELY do not trust the food stands ! We had some Philippine food from a food truck at the Provo food truck round-up last Thursday. This is the latest thing here and in Salt Lake, too. We were surprised because we expected it to be spicy and it wasn't at all - actually kind of bland (just my style) and, as you described, everything came with rice. Lots of interesting looking soda bottles with tropical flavors, too. "Chow King" and "Jollee Bee" are such interesting names, but I thought the air conditioning sounded like the best thing !