Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mamonit is a small village in the Santa Ignacia Zone where Elder Weber has been supervising the renovation a home of a member of the Bishopric there that his family is no longer living in to make it suitable for the missionaries to live in.  There was a lot of work that needed to be done.  A line had to be run and a water meter put in so that running water was in the house.  Additional electricity had to be installed so they could have adequate outlets.  There was a tin roof over the house but the walls inside did not go all the way to the roof and so a ceiling had to be put in.  The CR (Philippine word for bathroom) was just a cinder block room with a cement floor and a bucket flush toilet and a hole in the wall at the floor level for a drain.  So that had to be tiled and a flush toilet  and shower put in.  Then it was all painted.  Much more was done, but too numerous to list.  Anyway these pictures are of the Church building in Mamonit with the clouds in the background and the children playing basketball.  Basketball is a favorite pass time here with all the males.

Notice that the basketball standard is held down with rocks that have been piled on the platform.  I have seen basketball standard made of bamboo and plywood for a backboard.  They are all over the area on the side of the street and they play in the street.  There are  basketball standard in every church parking lot that is used constantly.

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  1. Sounds like you are really doing good work ! How satisfying ! Pictures of little kids are so cute, but wondering why the water is bad ?