Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

Monday was P-day and we had the Camiling Zone to our home for breakfast.  We served scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, hot cakes, bacon, juice and of course rice. There were 26 missionaries in all.  They must have been really hungry because I used 7 dozen eggs, 3 lbs of bacon, almost 10 lbs of potatoes, lots of pancake batter, and about 1 1/2 gallons of juice.  It was the Monday after fast Sunday so maybe they were really hungry.  It was such a pleasure to have them at our home.  They are such an inspiration to Elder Weber and me.  Two of the missionaries in our Zone are going home, Sister Davidson and Elder Morgan.  We will really miss them.  They have been excellent, hardworking missionaries. They are returning with honor.  Below are pictures of the breakfast.

Camiling Zone Missionaries.

Elders washing dishes

Playing Sister Anderson's find your companion making animal noises game.

Playing the category game with the squirt bottle 

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  1. Loved your menu description "and, of course, rice" . . . what a great looking group of elders and sisters . . . we have 3 (2 elders, 1 sister) serving in the Phillipines currently from our ward, with one additional sister who gave her return report last Sunday. You really got called to the "hot" area for growth (no pun intended about the weather).