Friday, March 6, 2015

More pictures from Baler trip

Beautiful Mountains

Another view of that lake

A poinsettia growing in front of a huge house

This is the house where the poinsettia was growing.  You see big homes like this and then next to them will be bamboo huts or just tin houses with no electricity or plumbing and animals all around.

The caraboa is the main work animal here.

The view of the ocean from our room at the hotel.

More ocean views

The Lunds took us to a hanging bridge that lets the local people cross from one side of a river to the other.  They said it is been made redone recently so it is more stable.  Even so, it was pretty scary crossing.  The locals cross it like it was a solid roadway.

Hanging bridge

This is the river it crosses.  

This is a monument that was build to remember the local villagers who died many years ago when a tsunami hit the coast and they had to flee up into the  mountains. 

This is a parasitic plant that took over a tree many years ago.  The tree is totally dead now and only the parasite is left. 

We went inside the growth and traveled through to the other side.  It was really creepy.  I think my grandsons would have a great time playing inside.  Might even be some bats in there.

Beautiful huge bowl of flowers in the lobby of the Costa Pacifica Hotel.

Close up view.  

Only one place was there a sort of resort beach area other than the hotel.  These are little huts where you could sit on the beach and have a picnic.

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