Sunday, December 28, 2014

Joseph Smith Birthday Party - December 23, 2014.  We invited a couple of families over for our Joseph Smith Birthday Party.  I attempted to make a traditional Filipino dish called Pork Adobo.  It was good, but I don't think I made it like the Filipino people do.  I put carrots and potatoes in it. They usually just use the meat, either chicken or pork. We invited the Baguio family, Sister Baguio is our Branch RS president, also our District RS president, she teaches seminary and has just opened up here on business - a pharmacy.  Her husband is on the District Council.  He has been working abroad until this pat summer teaching English in some foreign country.  They have their eldest daughter who is serving a mission and four other children.  We also invited invited our Branch President's family the Carino's.  Sister Carino does our laundry.  They have four children but only one of the daughters came.  They enjoyed playing the Stacko game.  They also played Uno.  It was the first time that they children had played a card game.

Sister Baguio is in the center.  Her only son is next to her.

Two of the Baguio daughters in the center.  Sister Carino is next to them putting on a block.

Brother Baguio kneeling on the floor and Pres. Carino is sitting on the sofa.  The girl with the hair bow is the Baguio's 14 year old daughter.

We had a good time with these families.  We will miss them when we go home.

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