Thursday, August 28, 2014

This is a mother duck with her ducklings in a little stream in BamBan, a proselyting area in our Zone that was shut down at the last transfer because we didn't have enough missionaries.  We are in the process of trying to fix up the house where the missionaries live while we have a few weeks until the area will be opened up again.

The rice is beginning to ripen in the fields.  I am anxious to see how they harvest it.

More rice fields.

This is one of the roosters that live in our yard.  I heard him crowing the other day and went to look and he was perched up on this tree stump just crowing away while the hens paid him no attention at all.  I was thinking it might be interesting to research all of the references we have in our English language that refer to something about chickens and roosters.

This a turkey.  I was beginning if we could find turkey for Thanksgiving.  Maybe we can.  However, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the Philippines.

We attended the baptism the other evening of this Grandmother and her two Grandchildren.  These children look too young to be baptized, but the smallest is 10 and the oldest is 13.  It is almost impossible for me to guess how old the children are here.  They all look soooo young to me.

This is a Caraboa (sp).  I think I have posted pictures of them before.  This one was laying down in a small pond on a very hot day.  I feel like I'd like to join him in the pond at times.  It gets really hot here.

Picture of rice fields being flooded in the foreground and the sun shinning through the clouds.  We have very pretty scenery here.
Another scenery picture.

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