Monday, June 16, 2014

 I took my first trike ride on Saturday.  I actually rode a trike twice on that day.  Once from the Palanke to the Romulo Church Building and then later from our house to the Romulo Bldg. for District Conference.  Elder Weber was already there attending the Priesthood leadership meeting.

The following pictures were taken in our home at a Zone breakfast we had for the missionaries in our zone.  I fixed fruit, french toast and since you must have rice at every meal, I made rice pudding.

 Elder Horsburgh on the left, Sister Krix (who lives next door to us) and Elder Crisostomo.
 The Sister on the left is Sister Bernarte and Sister Bagano is on the right.  Sister Bernarte left to go home the following morning.  She had finished her mission.
 Elder Weber waiting tables.  Sister Pardinas and Sister Anderson who live next door to us.
 All the people here remove their shoes when they enter you home.  These are the missionary's shoes outside our front door.
 We have a very talented group of missionaries in our Zone.  Several of them play the piano and three of the Elders have beautiful voices.  They sing and play for us often which is truly a delight.

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