Monday, June 23, 2014

On Monday, June 23, 2014, The Senior Couples in the Mission took a trip to Manila. Elder Weber and I went to the American Cemetery where those who were killed during the liberation of the Philippines during WWII are berried.

This is the prescription on the wall when you enter the Cemetary. 

This the grave marker of George Rex Sorensen, the father of my Cousin Pat Sorensen Walk
The following are pictures of the cemetery.  The grounds were beautifully maintained and it was very peaceful.

Surrounding the cemetery were these walls with names, date of death and rank of those who were killed but whose remains were not recovered.
The city of Manila in the background
This is the outside of the little Chapel that was on the grounds.
This is the inside of the Chapel.
The Brochure says there are 17,097 headstones, 16,933 Latin  Crosses, 164 Stars of David, 3,740 Unknowns, 36,286 Missing in Action, 20 sets of brothers and 29 Medal or Honor recipients.  The Cemetery was dedicated December 8, 1960.
The scenery was beautiful and peaceful.

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