Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last week we started our housing checks for the four zones we are responsible for.  We went to the Paniqui Zone.  We found several problems in the Elder's and Sister's living quarters which Elder Weber tried to fix.  One was that the handle on the kitchen faucet was broken off and had been for a long time.  It was quite a project to fix it.  Took quite awhile with Elder Weber crawling underneath a sink working in extremely hot, humid conditions.  The young elders and sisters to do not have any air conditioning, only fans.  He was really tired and worn out when we arrived back at our house and ready for the air conditioned bedroom.  We are really fortunate that we have at least one room that is air conditioned.

It is such a pleasure to work with these young missionaries.  They are so kind and pleasant to us.  We are love them!!  They seem to appreciate all we do for them.

Yesterday we had a zone fast for the investigators that are being taught and that the missionaries are hoping will set baptism dates for this month.  Our Mission President is being released this month and we will be getting a new one, President Clark.  The missionaries want to make this a really big month of baptisms to close President Martino's mission.  They started the fast on Saturday about 1:30 pm with a conference call to all the missionaries in the zone and everyone knelt where they were and the zone leader offered the prayer and named each investigator that we were fasting for by name.  A conference call was used rather than getting them all together because of the distance between them and the cost of transportation to all be together in one place.  It was quite a spiritual experience.  So happy we are here to be a part of this work that is going forth in this part of our Heavenly Father's vineyard.

We are also working on a couple of projects with LDS Charities.  There is a young brother in one of the branches who was an armored car driver.  The vehicle he was driving malfunctioned some way and it rolled over.  He lost both his legs just below the knee.  We are trying to arrange a wheelchair for him through the LDS Charities.  He has quite a large hospital bill to pay.  He was released by his doctors to go home on May 21, but they won't let him out until his bill is paid and they keep charging him everyday he is there.  Seems kind of crazy that he can't pay his bill but they keep adding charges, sounds like a debtors prison to me.  Anyway we are working on helping him get out of the hospital.

The other project we are working on with the Charities is an irrigation project.  The church members here who farm grow rice about six months out of the year during the rainy season, but the rest of the time the ground sits unused because there is not enough rain to grow a crop.  If wells could be dug and an irrigation system set up then they could use the land all year long.  It would greatly  improve their financial situation and give them a way to support their family better.  Many of the men leave the country to work because they cannot earn enough to live on.  They send money home to their families.  This separates families and presents a hugh problem for the Church because there are no Priesthood holders.

We are having District Conference this month and we have been asked to speak in the Saturday night session in the East District.  Our topic is families.  The Sunday morning session will be a Satellite broadcast.

We are beginning to get busy and finding our way around.  Driving here is crazy.  I am hoping to get some pictures of the Jeepnees and the trikes.  The trikes are motorcycles with a sidecar (hence three wheels).  You would be amazed what these people can pile on that sidecar.
Signing off for now.  Sister Weber

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